Metaphysical Manners

Dwellings in the silence opens the vortexes of us all

The wholly spirit moves

A journey back to heaven requires an Earthly birth fall

The wholly spirit moves

Thoughts, actions, words must be positive when occured

Laws of Attraction show up rather we’re sensible or absurd

The wholly spirit moves

The world’s beginning to change profile pages show the brain

Communication is now a typing before a talk it’s not the same

Still the wholly spirit moves

Thy dreams will give the clues so be careful not to snooze

The signs are all around so winning is learning whenever we lose

The wholly spirit moves

Decisions that are made should be calculated steps

A momentum is always built inside the constant of thy reps

Exercising of the mind will reap the collapsing of thy time

Ignoring the matrix of desire will render the Godly much easier to find

Never go against the grain of showing manners to the true self

It will only bring physical pain starting with the metaphysical health

The wholly spirit moves

The wholly spirit moves

No matter the mood cool or subdued

The wholly spirit moves


© 2019 Maranate

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