Sporadic Notions

Anger rears it’s head once in a while to antagonize good moods

Resistance receives hugs as a damsel in distress

Thy guess every feeling in the body wants food

E-motions are really detrimental to thy mental

A litmus test sort of an awareness utensil

Never should these little phucks run the life

The sole reason for so much pain and strife

Thy physical body is a talented lie

Attempting to keep thy spirit at bay

The biggest fear in all humans is the fact that we might become a power at play

Comfort is a drug and real love is not of the skin

Deep dives into the darkest parts of thy being is the only discipline

The one pure chance we stand to actually win

We must begin to express the glory from within

To keep up with Earthly rubbish is to dwell in the lion’s den

So thy pen spins out of control in control of what thine eye holds

Concentration on what thy spirit gives keeps one living in The BOLDS

Sold is the bullshit from society at large

Artistry from the true artist inside of us all shall forever be the catalyst of charge


© 2019 Maranate

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