The Gratitude 1000

They say gratitude is the best attitude to exude

So the following shall proceed in great regards

Thanks to ye all for the heightening of thy altitude

An occasion as such calls for a drink and cigar

A great deal of sharing pieces of thyself has truly become a pleasure

Expectation of greater works to come

Well shit…….

Stay tuned in for the captain’s treasure

Continue to bask in the bossom of thy blogetry

Positive reinforcement of life’s unseen gifts

Trips to The Klog to enjoy some elevating poetry

Brotha Maranate can assist in a perception shift

Uplift and sift through the events of thy living

Remain in a grateful state of being

Count the blessings that the spirit is always giving

Thoroughly analyze whatever ye are seeing

Readers from the states and readers from afar

So many countries to name

Lines of divine energy stretch to ye no matter who ye are

Thank ye for doing the same

Thy poems are written freely from the heart so this is only a prelude

Appreciation for this Gratitude


© 2019 Maranate


  1. Hi, there.

    I came to thank you for joining for joining me on my technojourney. I hope you’ll visit often and comment when you care to.

    You are a creative spirit with an interesting take on life. I’m pleased to make your virtual acquaintance.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for those kind words Annie. I sure will join you on your techno journey, sounds interesting. It is an honor and pleasure to make your virtual acquaintance as well😊.


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