Gazes Into The Distance

Day to day life brings irritability on skates

Technology is at a widespread by this point

There is no need for a debate

Nerves become wrecked by the simpletons of humans

Deep breaths of exhiliration bring a moment to just BE

No more phuckin’ consumin’

Strolls of the timeline on social media newsfeeds

Subconscious mind absorbing everything seen

Thy notebooks remain open as the pen bleeds

Realizations from thy gazes shoot clarity into the eyes

Everyone has a movie surrounding them

Unwanted occurences shall be used for thy rise

There is always a bigger broader picture at play

Understanding and enlightenment shall come unfettered

Once we embrace life as a university and live it that way

Frustrations soon fade igniting tranquility in an instant

The self embodies freedom as thy stares remain distant


© 2019 Maranate


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