Santorini Breezes

It’s amazing what an intention while closing the eyes can do

Getaways of thy spirit leave thy feelings flabbergasted

Physical manifestations of thy travels come true

Alot of the times so sporadic but precise as forecasted

Grabbing adventure by the hand in hopes to never sunder

Inadequate sources at the present moment

Reaches for pictures and words of thy desires for the mind shall be a jumper

Magically appearing in Thira fully excited

Walks upon Kamari Beach on the stretch of black sand

Spanakopita in large bites leave thy stomach delighted

Sites of beautiful blue water in the Crete region give thy trip a boost

Shouts from Mt. Ida in the Ideon Cave

Energetically powered up in the reported birthplace of Zeus

Another place to jot down on the list as thy experience what just was told

Back to the body as it unfolds


© 2019 Maranate


  1. My partner and I are dreaming of celebrating the 20 years’ anniversary of our relation on Santorini on July 14th. We’re spying on the airline websites for affordable tickets, but it’s possible that even in case we don’t find one, we’re still going (and the cost can be damned). Accommodation in July is another sore point for late bookings. Great post and your post just added to my motivation to get also marinated into the atmosphere of this eerie island of legends, myths and culture.

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