Guard Thy Gates

There’s a world out there running rampant with everything under the sun

Concentrated discipline is now a rare gem

Psychological studies show that one should probably obtain one

Involuntary occurences find their way to the population

An understanding of thy entertainment before indulging in stimulation

Ye shall not be defiled by what goes in thy mouth but by what comes out

Evaluation of daily activities graduates to hourly inventory checks

It is now time to see exactly what we are thinking about

Low frequencies gather by the millions in this age

Rituals of positive energy leave one fully charged

Fire to thy three sticks of sage

Mindful of the steps taken to get to any road

Reflections upon thy journey unravel information in the shadows

The secrets are clearly blatant and untold

Unfold thy inequities so the silver lining is ever clear

Be aware of what thy say, be aware of what thy see, be aware of what thy hear


© 2019 Maranate

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