The Devil’s In The Details

The Involutionary War has been declared

Stimuli for the five senses become tools of uplifting and corruption

Give the people what they want in abundance

Years of entertainment shall rot the brain for knowledge to come

Equanimity seems to be a very rare commodity

Ignorance somehow has evolved to a new cool

Spiritual warfare works in many subtle ways

To control a human’s nature is to busy them while time fades

Stuff their eyes with choice upon choice upon choice

Suffocated by variety leaving one void of a voice

Stroked egos swallow heroines and heros of tomorrow

Citizens eager for money makes capitalism easier to borrow

Debt and more debt creates a never ending stream

Tombstones by the millions to feel The UnAmerican Dream

So an alliance to one’s own knowing fulfills the holes inside thy living

More attention to The God within to see thru the shit the devils are giving


© 2019 Maranate


  1. The more the debt America incurs; the more other nations can’t let it drown ; the whole world goes down .. God only knows where will it all end … I do relate to the UnAmerican dream 😌
    One day I shall share my love and hate relationship with USA ..

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