The Gratitude 900

Another episode of being grateful for all of ye who read

Thy journey shall embrace more enlightenment as the pen continues to bleed

Thy shall take heed to all realizations emerging from thy writings

There will be more food for thought produced for all of those abiting

Growth is inevitable for The Dude shall commence

Since January 11 time has been so well spent

Researches of existence give foundations to thy work

Illumination is the calling until ashes cover dirt

Flirts with words and pictures turn to literary marriage

Elevations from frustrations as they roll away in a carriage

Beams of positive energy increase with every single blog

Sparks of light within secrete thru ye when at The Klog

The time has come to roll the drum more bloems are in rotation

I send my love to old and new to show appreciation


Thank you again, it only gets better from here

See ya next gratitude


Β© 2019 Maranate


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