Cards On The Table

Sitting at the table of existence is the card game of a lifetime

Thy hand becomes the choices of our circumstantial designs

One may bluff and talk stuff all the way to a win

But the game is already determinded before it even begins

Unpredictability only presents itself when practice is very little

A winning hand must be cultivated and caressed otherwise it’s a riddle

Amazingly enough the bluff may be beneficial in time

Reconstructed thinking formed by psychological repetition launches the Aces of thy mind

Signs of the outcome appear in subtle ways

Answers to thy deepest inquiries reveal hints throughout our days

Instant gratification be the deviant of deceit

An acknowledgement of thy phuck ups shall eradicate foolish repeats

All in all

When the chips are down and everything from under the rug is brushed

Examine thy position, embrace the lesson learned, for that shall be thy royal flush


© 2019 Maranate


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