The Book Of Bloems Ch. 12 : Gradual Happenings

Experiments with thy days share rays of light

Inaptitudes of behaviors render hard slaps of insight

Wise decisions have risen from the reflections of many a men

Greatness built a fortress in existence having a balance of yang and yin

Observation of self and thy surroundings is an everlasting class

Energetic bodies receive thy first attention and last

Have a blast living as a human

Death equals two when we confine ourselves to consumin’

Growth is at every turn of all life’s corners

Long stares into the darkness for thy ignorance is the mourner

Suppressions of undesirables come from under the rug

Inner children in adult bodies seek unconsciously for a hug

Courage soars over the shores of thy crying eyes

Faces of water become the borders where outdated thinking dies

The Klog shall proceed to be a voice of the Spirit with poetic mappin’

Stay in tune to feel it all happen


© 2019 Maranate

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