A Slice Of Humble Pie

Always in practice mode keeps learning something new

Art and reality resemble each other and both can be true

Glasses of perception round the table at the Blog Lounge

A lifting of thy spirit be the goal

Consider human existence as mere training

So one is never wrong just a miscalculation of calculating

Debating with another will be unnecessary

We all have a science project of our own

Transmutations are seeking ye in the darkness of thy being

Idiosyncrasies transformed into tools of psyche reading

Pens continue bleeding sharing thy wisdom in abundance

Words become mightier than a physical human body

Thought forms swarm the ethers lurking for a vessel

Recognition of the mind becomes a heavily done activity

The beauty of existing is the art of how one’s moving and why

Join thee for a slice of pie


© 2019 Maranate


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