D.N.A : Pt. 1

Everyday the mind ponders and dwells on things

Observations of thoughts will inform of what one brings

When a baby is born there’s an everlasting book being published

No matter how insipid it may appear NO book is really rubbish

For every boy and girl have a story that we live out

The more self is understood the more self will be about

The stuff that makes us move and gives us all of our animations

It’s the primal force within us that created ALL creation

So the body is just a tool for thee Primordial Soup to swim

When consumption is over abundant then thy animation is dim

The 5 Senses. Feelings. Vibrations.

Basically the key ingredients to this simulation

Information’s dormant inside everyone so quiet time is very key

Determining. Natural. Ability


© 2019 Maranate

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