Everybody Is A Radio

Listen to the silence of the night

There’s no good, bad, wrong nor right

It is simply a polarity of transmissions

Thoughts of all sorts in need of permissions

Give not thy power to whatever thy think

Let go of them all for they change with every blink

Do whatever the phuck thy wilt

Actual proof is shown in how thy country was built

To be human is to be a pod, to know thyself is to know God

Feel good in thy skin without getting to attached

Once thy clock has ticked the last toc thy energy is snatched

Better days are now and always coming up ahead

Eternity is our home so one is truly never dead

FM/AM transmitters are only carbon copies

The frequency is the invisible and we all are disc jockeys

Observation of one’s surroundings and thy feelings are the gong

Existing in an everday musical requires an acceptance of each song

To conclude thy morning manna here’s an early melody

Salutations from the station here on WKLOG


© 2019 Maranate


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