Layers of the onion peel back ever so swiftly

Air hits the trees with an aroma so gently

Do whatever thy wilt

Feelings spilt on touch screens with heart beats

Welcome to the phuckin’ blog lounge everybody have a seat

Bloems placed on playback to stay on the frequency

Hashtags give an intro of the statement’s ability

Moods give the answers to thy truest of expression

Reaction or response to a circumstance is the whole entire lesson

Stressin’ has relegated itself to the past

Tears over spilled milk gets a napkin that’ll last

Clocks tic all the while trends proceed to play out

Documentation of thy journey makes preparatory executions

Memorabilia is equivalent to a writing on college rule

Early morning reading bubbles the mind for thy breakfast

Daily habits of harvesting shall harness all desires

A trip to the upper echelons is right there in thy head

The world can be thy Heaven or thy Hell with the mental

These bodies only last so long be careful with thy rental

Pushin’ the like buttons on poetry and stains of a heart melt

The Dude wrote what he felt


© 2019 Maranate

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