A Poet’s Party : The 2nd One

Share thy story here………………….

Welcome to the word gathering for earthly shit does disappear

Anchored minds fall by the waist side in dire need

Stanzas of serendipity as the pen begins to bleed

Days go by and poems multiply by the many

Writing rights writings that returns with plenty

This occasion is dedicated to the brimming of thy cup

Constructivity makes life interesting idle time will run-a-muk

Nights are filled with bloems of putrefaction

To decompose on a daily is a human refresh button

Tomorrow brings what we decide to choose today

Limited editions are available as well

The language of poetry is waking the phuck up

Enthused by the opportunities and jewels these technological tools give thee

Blogetic funky jism for the isms that hender ye to just Be

Musically inclined so repeat and rewind if Energy is tardy

Let’s have a muthaphuckin’ poet’s party


© 2019 Maranate


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