A Glass Of Perception

Glimpses of the future held with a tight grip

Thought control be thy mechanism for beneficial outcomes

Getting what we want becomes a simple task once it’s a still image in the mind

Everything depends upon the clarity of our lens

Thy vision must have focus with the stillness of a tripod

The frequency is secured and maintained

Midnights in the blog lounge leave the vibes mostly needed

Observation from the outside enhance what shall be completed

Depleted of all worry and all sorrow

Positive mental pictures all day draw manifestations for tomorrow

Borrowed time is what’s lived so the living is for giving

Critical studies of life’s unfolding provoke ability for thy shifting

A lifting of thy head held high to the clouds of possibility

Time is on thy side yet it favors one with agility

Silly of the rabbit to outrun the one with less speed

Sprints come quick with wants while marathons bestow thy need

So the closing of our days should be devoted to the lessons behind our moves

Another round for The Phuckin’ Dude


© 2019 Maranate

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