Living Literature

Portals for mortals open as fingers tap the screen

Literary manifestations wipe thy slate clean

Letters come together as seconds on the clock

Words form to get worn as rhymes that interlock

Entities free of physical restraints and trauma

E-motions secrete thru expressions of thyself releasing a hidden drama

And the armor of a Super Hero becomes the stanzas announced

Speeches of galactic reaches blast from the ethers in crazy amounts

Alone time delivers stories that shiver thy very foundation

Continuity drenched in ingenuity offers profound stimulation

Whatever one writes with consistency comes to life

Patterns of the Self expressed on paper is a very magickal tool

Composition University supplies students with degrees of Selfology

Graduating ceremonies are held with every aha moment

The twinkling of an eye by far is who we are

A ball of cosmic light consider thyself to be a star

Weekends full of writing turn thy issues into things that are miniature

Giving birth to living literature


© 2019 Maranate


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