The Book Of Bloems Ch. 9 : Cheesecakes In The Fire

Blazed nights followed by morning hunger

Moon lit brightly as one chills under

Air hits the trees with ideas in avalanche

Manny Strains is present, time to grab another branch

Lowered eyes bring surprises to thy typing

Rides to the store for more food card is swiping

Tales of cannabistic encounters and growls of the stomach

More laughs than a comedy show release endorphins in the brain

Sounds of Life Behind Limo Glass ease thy body into comfort

Another silver pack of diamonds waiting to be refilled

Creativity becomes enhanced weirdly enough when sticks are burning

Stress reliever occasionally increases thy yearning

The reading of this book of chapters entails thy tale of livin’

A source of food for the reader and a writer so thankful for givin’

The goal is still ascension even when The Dude’s floating on a cloud nine

Rolls of cheesecake on the mind


© 2019 Maranate

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