111.1 WKLOG Radio

Good afternoon out there in Blog City

Where the sites are nice and the words are pretty

Shall thy day go according to very good feels

Much sunshine to the minds who keep spinning their wheels

May the highest of frequencies be felt with mass appeal

Ye are now tuned into WKLOG

Where the music is read and goes beyond what eyes can see

Songs of joy get played while fleshy worries are slayed

A sense of hope in the form of a blog when thy world is dissarayed

Brief messages from thy Heavenly Sponsors

The traffic on Negative Nelson Expressway is decreasing going into the evening

Positive Parkway might be a better route to thy home

Prosperous Pens are having a weekend sale starting right now

Motivation will be available with 100% off

Today will continue to shine brightly as the sea

Carry these tunes within and move accordingly

Short sweet melodies of blogetry to improve thy sight

Dj. Maranate on the ones and twos all day and night

The manifestation of constructive listening rest in a Blog Show

Back to the jams of KLOG radio


© 2019 Maranate


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