The Blog Lounge

Sunny ways awaken bodies to sunny days with no need for shade

Answers creep in slowly while questions begin to fade

Solutions stand firmly in the archway of the bold

Energetic secrets of cultivation mine the mind for it’s gold


A Poetic Sanctorum

Needs get filled to capacity with visits to the Forum

Welcome To The Blog Lounge

Getting hammered with glasses of Perception

Stripped inhibitions dial up numbers for a connection

Higher Thinking is on the phone

Clarity with smiles upon faces is the ringtone

Tell the Energy Collectors to leave ye alone

Love is being made at the moment hear the poem moan

This place has everything one wants and everything one need’s

Mundane issues disintegrate as the pens begin to bleed

Take heed to the last call

Big bottles of Blogetry causes the stress to fall

Another day of tuggawar with life in the middle of the sweet and sour

Come have a round at the happy hour


© 2019 Maranate

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