Sentimental Journeys

Cascades of energy fall upon us all

It’s raining good feelings at the Blog Lounge everybody’s having a ball

Broadcasting live on the corner of Cellular and Phone Avenue

Calls to the creators for an artist party, so just come on thru

Invitations are valid for FOREVER

Unique minds collapse time for inventive endeavors

Papyrus and a pen blow winds in the burning of brain fires

Tears of thy eyes wash away debris that remains

Rejuvenated windows of the soul are now clear

Discernment of EVERYTHING is now in session

The Dude has come to actualize a phuckin’ blogutopia

Tokens of aesthetic pleasures considered a cornucopia

No phobias or worries leave thy body at the door

Frequencies of upward motion no more needs for a floor

The threat of amalgamation is the need for a leave from the external

Let’s all go and grab a journal


© 2019 Maranate

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