The Book Of Bloems Ch. 7 : The Unwritten Narrative

Buumerangs are being thrown yet coming back when released

Reading in between lines puts one in the drivers seat

Attention paid to statements sprayed in the atmosphere

Unconscious thoughts slung around unconsciously please stand clear

Have no fear for it is the mechanism of the shift

Undisciplined minds with no control soon go adrift

Human beings are mere actors in an Earthly stage play

Circumstances conjour from the frequencies of what we say

Deameanors give synopsis to the gazes of eyes

Scenes from the moment tell the underlying truths

Reflection is the rewinding of thy daily motion picture

Watch it multiple times to get a better interpretation

Let not thy e-motion be the director of the movie

Understand the bigger picture of the tale and its beauty

The irony of synchronistic happenings are the hidden

Spiritually narrated though the script is blatantly written


© 2019 Maranate


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