As The Pen Bleeds

Knock knock, who’s there

The Penmens are at the door with goodies to share

Frozen moments framed and stored in notebooks of power

E-motional turmoil rolled into balls of energy to devour

Sweet and sour rhythm of daily living is for the learning

Literary blood transmissions be thy fluid for the turning

A human radio receiving stations from surroundings and beyondings at the same

May thy pen bleed as the creator of radically divine change

The unwritten narrative of life comes to life with gems of sim

Stanzas in motion alters the apparent with momentum

Etheric influences marinade the medulla oblongata

Lyrical lines of spinach release thy inner Popeye

Heart pump’s fluidly with poetic hot sauce

Olive oil of omnipresent spillings are poured over low frequencies

Repetitive reading of thy bloems jog pleasantry to thy memories

The leaking of the pens give rise to the coming of a blog flood

Here at The Klog where we give blood


© 2019 Maranate

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