A Poet’s Party : The First 1

Hello there

How’s it going

Midnight gets filled with 420 degrees of trees blowing

There’s a thing called “time” and it’s beginning its slowing

Thy have come to thee realization that stanzas give life

Awake in different dimensions deep inside of consciousness

Scenes of whateva the phuck thy thinks

Fast life takes on a new meaning

There’s an alignment going on every time we blog

Thy every phuckin minute gets spent with The Klog

The awareness of energy is the underlining story of existence

Attention to that story really needs thy persistence

Farrago frequencies of mundane must frame a well kept distance

The Blog Lounge is where ye wants to be

Or some phuckin’ where reading some good poetry

Words that curve thy nerve giving experiences of higher ground

It’s a party reading words when that shit has a sound

Uplifting utters soon smother thy mind forming a change to thy brain

Trips away from that Earth Suit supply Power when sane becomes insane

Simple and plain

Down here at Earth University one learns to create

Knowledge of thyself suffocates every breath of debate

Well balanced energy shall be in every decision thy make

Somebody’s celebrating a birthday, here have some cake

Something special going on at The Klog be not absent or tardy

Welcome To A Mutha Phuckin’ Poet’s Party


© 2019 Maranate


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