The Book of Bloems Ch. 6 : Wakin’ Bakin’

Aromas of robust quality hit the air

Fresh trees of purple tint and orange hairs to share

Something interesting everywhere thy stare

Overcome by a stern ability to live without a care

Twisted sticks of elevation bless the vibe with high frequency

Imagination runs away from thee

Energy soaked in galaxies of tranquility

The other realms around thee are atalkin’

Early Saturday mornings covered in memories of a kid

Questions float around briskly in wonders of what thy did

Flying high into the cosmic sky of mental lucidity

Half of an L make sure it’s done so exquisitely

Sketches of Spain sound the room with Solea in rotation

Music with no words fuels the mind for daily decisions

Occassions like the present pave the way for deeper ponders

The torch thats burning is almost at a halt

Now The Dude’s givin’ motivation whenever ye gets to wakin’

Hope ye enjoyed digitally bakin’


© 2019 Maranate


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