Vulgar Vaginas

Wounded wombs run rampant through cities

Shiny lips, hair hats, thin articles of clothing revealing too many

Applause is given with stares of horny eyes

Poisonous wet lily pads where many men have reside

Sex has become the new alcohol

Mouths jammed pack with sausage wall to wall

The fall of the feminine occurs with every radio hit

Children are born from emotional bullshit

Welcome to the new world

Girl becomes boy and boy becomes girl

Chaos at its finest is the new cool

Glimpses of today were seen in 1992’s grade school

Snoop Dogg proclaimed no love for hoes

Turning the feminine energy into an unpredictable foe


The womb of wisdom became the fountain of fucks

Empty men searching for mothers with no bucks

A tux and gown when a party is not around

Love down the drain leaving many with a frown

A Rethroning of the Kings be the securment of good china

Then the good life starts to flow from every Queen’s vagina


© 2019 Maranate

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