The Earth Suit

A giving of thy story renders glory to all

Empathetic writings of mythical people to stand tall

We are more than what we view in mirrors

Tears, talents, love can’t make it any clearer

Recognition of thyself shall be the freeing from the pod

A consistent inspiration brings out every human’s God

Reuniting with each other reunites ye with thyself

Foolish hatred towards another is self infliction to thy health

Ye are thee and thy are ye everyone is all the same

Particles of light from the universe who were thrown into a game
The Test

Babies get imbued with breath in hospital rooms

The falling of an angel has transpired

Years go by as behaviors multiply into personalities

What shall the outcome become

Realizations start to dawn on the few who fell

Be quiet for Divinity is speaking

True meaning of existence is education of the soul

With a walking back to Heaven as thy future comes unfold

In the reaching for the stars put thy thinking in a mute

Remember that the self is just some light and not a suit


© 2019 Maranate


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