Electromagnetic Rightings

Healing vibrations set the tone for thy word

Alchemical science being spread to the unheard

The invisible forcefield is so real it’s unreal

Analyzing of the unseen comes with spiritual appeal


The waves that set the stage for the ways we will react

Meditation be thy remedy to keep mental frames intact

The Reasons

And as the waves move the moods of The Dude change

Righting the readings of unspirational articles that fog thy brain

Insane lanes of collision giving destruction with precision

Take a look into this vision let thy spirit guide the mission


Rainbows outline the body with information of thy state

A reflecting of thy patterns closes holes in the aura

Initiation into mental transformation starts the process

Elimination of irrelevance is what happened

Turning light into a rainbow as thy pass thru the prism

Leaving writings as my rightings of electromagnetism


© 2019 Maranate

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