The Book Of Bloems Ch. 5 : Shadow Workings

Placed in a body upon arriving to the planet

Ye are a spirit inside ran by the human brain dammit

The rubberband ball effect rolls as we annually age

Decision making on repeat setting up the next stage

Behaviors form patterns as thy life steers the destiny

Acknowledgement of thy demons shall awaken the entelechy

Masks are worn to avoid the ego getting torn

A limited time only as the shadows are airborne

Felt as the wind when the chimes begin to sing

Thy demons come to fight and there is no one in the ring

The Work

Heart light as a feather as the conscious mind is satisfied

Morality takes the back seat for one that’s in the know

Metaphysics in repetition with decreased listens to thy humanity

Darkness shall provide the light when in need of answers

The idea of good and bad is so sad without the truth

Both exist in all the fall from heaven is the issue’s root

Studies of Universal Law make ye aware of inner lurkings

Reconnection to thy Source cultivate subconscious workings


© 2019 Maranate


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