A Poetry Love

Feelings get splashed on digital canvas here’s thy hauling

Written blessings for the mind come unwind to these bloggings

Affirmations of positivity that unveil the doubts within

Declarations drenched in Alchemy transmute losses into wins

Eyes are filled with power words elicit deeper yearns

Blogetic blunts are rolled come fire up and let it burn

Have a turn of partaking in the waking of what’s dormant

Get acquainted as it’s painted from an everlasting torrent

Tranquility is in session

Thoughts of potent creativity ripple the surface of thee

Caricatures of existence make the unreality more visible

A dimension of what’s understood shall eventually be read

Bask in the Blog Lounge the good food will be provided

Low frequency individuals are prohibited

And The Dude is immersed in stanzas given from Above

With a passion to ignite and share with all thy truest love


© 2019 Maranate


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