Live. In. Full. Expectancy

Embrace the boom of the mage when ye come to the page

Excitement runs thru thy veins evaporating all rage

Let the music play as thy record in the blog booth

Trips to dimensions render ascension beyond Malkuth

A typical existence involve sweats from thy brow

Magickal days grant the serenity of right now

Worries of the past must be neglected for what’s next

Prosperity opens the doors when one begins to expect

Emotional pots boil with attachments to the outcome

Mustard seeds of faith are available if in the need for some

Uplifting thy spirit shall be done every hour

A renewing of the mind must be a consistent activity

Draped in positivity one must forever be

Submerge thyself into the knowing of thyself

Limitations are only possible when ye know not

For the world that is becoming is a double edge knife

The power is in the power of the minds that L.I.F.E


© 2019 Maranate

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