The Augmented Artistry

Tomorrow never dies so the NOW is always bright

Works of thy existence clear the path of insight

May the paintings, writings and songs be always near

Self inflicted obstacles of terror shall suddenly disappear

Let eternity carry us on it’s wings into Sirius B

Forms of art shot from hearts dedicated to Singularity

Flowers in bloom bless the tomb of Gods never awoken

Entities in the ethers have transmissions never spoken

Life is a Broadway musical and everyday is a song

Spiritual warfare is in energy so to what will ye sing along

Too many hits from the bong of reality puts ye out of tune

Television is equipped to ruin thy imagination

Cinematic presentations reveal the coming of Equilibrium

Truth and prophecy rest in the creation of Man

A library is essential as the years continue to go by

For the following has relayed exactly what was intended

An illusion what we live may thy inner be Augmented


© 2019 Maranate

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