The Klogillian Technique

Ink hits the notepad while immortality is defined

A style of an unorthodox manner evolves

Days renew and become old again

The words live on whenever spoken

A composition book transforms into a legacy

Eyes wide shut so the spirit takes control

Poems bless the week and thy nature unfold

Rappers, singers, authors, poets are all the same

One shall mesh them all together thus changing the game

Mind frame impeccable yet shall not be tamed

So the child that can hold their own gets blessed

We all come to this planet with gifts to share

Mediocre thinking of thyself buries thyself

Pictures of prosperity seem invisible to the eye

Time must rearrange thy drive

Websites create portals for The Dude to be one

United with God’s gifts having fun under the sun

News feeds get lit off of the shit being dropped

Word wizardry delivers mental images incapable of being cropped

Thy purpose is to make sure there’s a knowing of the soul’s seat

In the world but not of the world be the Klogillian Technique


© 2019 Maranate


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