Plights Of Passion

Solitary Refinement be the wood for a good flame

Etiquettes of energy so everyone is familiar

For the attitude should be considered the navigational system

Goals and relationships last longer when the destination is understood

Everyone must be responsible for their own compass

Many talents are inside of us all ready to be released

Packed graveyards with million dollar ideas deceased

Peace be unto the dearly departed souls of creation

There’s a muthaphuckin’ fire here at the Blog Station

WKLOG is in the house for a meet and greet

Another blogetic tune packed carefully with some heat

Mystery in the love of thy mate

Two desires with the highest intention

Life’s adrenaline rushes the pelvis and creativity

Double orgasms of unlimited proportions

Pleasure and pain must be balanced to utilize

Locking of the lips place hips in bump mode

Grilled actions with satisfaction hide the secret code

Pendulum swings to the left is equivalent to the swings of right

Momentum builds as the body is drilled so the mind shall take flight

Inspiration like no other giving passion to thy sight

To feel what one feels is the feeling of one’s plight


© 2019 Maranate

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