Deep Dives Within

A spiraling of upward ascension starts with a falling

Knowledge of Self is the loving of God

For the divinity of life shall only unfold when that Earth Suit is no longer a distraction

Closed eyes with open hearts render vibrant outcomes

360° of a yin yang flow

Continuous 365 days to unknow and know

Look for the ones with the golden glow

The Evolution will not be televised

It’s going on before thy phuckin’ eyes

Stares at the mirror be not surprised

Deep digs into thyself one must utilize

Heavenly Energy fills thy every surrounding as God moves

180° two times of different polarities

Wax on wax off be the proper way of thinking

See-Saws at the park gave a lesson to the children

The Human Mind is a wonder as the now passes

So bloems get written in the middle of the morning

Subconscious Minds are brewing yet sleepers are snoring

Life is a crystal stare when thy vision becomes bare

Jewels of abundance inside are so rare

Fibonacci Spirals unravel as the people travel the Lion Dens

Dives within as The God spins


© 2019 Maranate


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