The Tao Of Poetic Kung-Fu

Becoming like water assumes thy position of free

Letting words flow swiftly as round house kicks

Punches of stanzas to thy brain with releases of energy

Stay in tune with the current of the wave

For life is a never ending practice of BAM BOOM POW

Either hit or be hit what does one feel now

Crane kick ideas give way to the roads that shall show ye how

A sacred dance is being performed before thine eyes

Ye steps then life steps understand then analyze

Two frequencies begin to merge and purge thy vessel

Feeding thy wolf of behavior highly lucrative

It’s a difference between anger and chi

One takes over the other gives ye what thy must be

Come to the dojo this shit is a must see

So the study of life always improves to be something new

Repitiously in thy Kung- Fu


Β© 2019 Maranate


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