The Realm Of No-Thought

There is something going on in the pastures

Pavements of gold ready to unfold every desire

A reaching of thy mind be the only requirement

Extended meditations thru every single action

To live is evil and evil is to live

Born in sin but already forgived

There is a reason why one should detach from Earthly life

Don’t get caught within the hype

Situations painted so vividly the feel is too bright

At the close of thy eyes surprises shall appear

Reflections of thyself one shall have no fear

Stop doing everything and just be

The amazement of what you’ll see

The monkey mind has just been harnessed

Consortiums of chatter unbatter thy brain

Clinically sane insane

For the powers of the mainframe is a critical thing when obtained

So no balance or control shall slowly decrease the whole

Rises above third dimensional living gives shines to thy glow

All thoughts belong to the universe

For thy just share shit from the ether’s rehearse

Be still and do nothing at all just be free from all thy care

Yeah, that’s how you get there


Β© 2019 Maranate


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