Electric Bloems

And as the winds blow, the traffic moves briskly

Listens upon window panes gather sounds of aspiration

Life is an on-going charger

Realizations begin to settle in softly diluting the rationale

Broadway plays are held everyday where there’s a person

Billions of connections blossom just from an email

Another heart reached with words to tell

No way can one rebel from such good feeling

The writing is a tool used for whatever we are dealing

There must not be a sealing on expressions of The Self

Essence is WEALTH

Agree Not, evaluate mental health

There has become a need to keep the mind free

Bullshit clouds the atmosphere with sales of every potion

Reaches upon the Alchemical Bag turns up the voltage

Basking in the bossom of Blogetry

So come on back to the Blog Lounge whenever ready

This shit is like electric balls of confetti

Another charge from deep within thy loins

You’re now listening to my blog poems


© 2019 Maranate

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