The Indelible Jottings

Hypnotized by the wonders of retrospectives

Hindsight stands as the inevitable key to Godhood

An understanding of what should be understood

Would thy be better if this or that was the circumstance

Join thy dance in delivery of the chilvary that’s not dead

Give ye manna for thy hunger and jewels for thy head

Secure thy assurance of a mind well fed

With that said, thou shall leave ye with magnified blogetry

Motivation embedded with stimulation for thy artistry

A place where ye ought to be

Free from all that hinders the senders of thy truth

The God Frequency is thy station of choice

Anything less is a tad uncouth

Purpose of living shall be thy giving of serene

Pulsating premonitions of blogetic precision that realitize thy dream

With each magickal poof comes more juice for thy plotting

Exhibits of timeless monuments as thy continue thy jotting


© 2019 Maranate


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