Bitter Tounges Of Joy

May thy old wither and rot away

Accumulations of traditionalism fill thy pastures

Minds gradually elevate to individualistic states of being

Are thy wrong for what thy are seeing

Inform thee of who wrote the rules

Wherefore art thou training or schools

Thy shall seek to explore and mature

Honesty abruptly arrives with the announcement at the front door

Thou shall not become a bore

Microphones serenaded with blogetry of thy depths

Scribe abilities become strengthened by thy reps

The Dude does shit in his own vernacular

For he is thy hiphop poet with lyricalized spectacular

For thy have come to flip shit like burgers to spatula

Documentations of thyself mythology a regular phuckin Dracula

Two sides of every story

Either way thy cookie crumble thou shall retain all the glory

And the releasing of ones animalistic nature proceeds

Undiscovered methods of MessAge ushers in what thy shall achieve

Become one with thy Angel and thy Demon

A battle between hot and cold water starts the teamin’

Middle path to divinity left thy head in full swung

Closed lids of Earthly shit place peace upon thy tounge


© 2019 Maranate

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