Naked Numbers In Gnosis

And as the morning dew sets the bloggers are awaking

Here’s some digital divinity for thy taking

Thank yous to all of the followers following

Blades of green grass poetry specifically for thy wallowing

Tis thy responsibility to cultivate

Library of mentality the books can’t wait

Unwritten Narratives are upon ye that is thy date

Plethoras of people scroll the scrolls of untold

Some read if they are intrigued and the rest still unfold

For thy visits to The Klog shall commit to wonders

Invitations to celebrations of ye ALL for ye are not another number

Stumbles upon thee has a destinized agenda

Place ye mind in thy state of where ye desires to be a pretender

The Force is very strong at the moment be led to surrender

One may feel the effects later of thy hocus pocus

Rather a 1 or 0 ye shall stay focused on thy own gnosis


© 2019 Maranate


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