Hip-Hop Lives In A Poem

Guess what?

Bet you didn’t know

Hip-hop lives in poems you can hear it in the flow

Sit back and let thee enlight ye with some Grow

Thou may achieve an abundance in one single GO

Stanzas thrown from a throne that don’t slow

Phuckin’ Words Man

Their so brilliant and twisted in the same hand

Nights get used to invent shit as much as thy can

Stoned moments give portions of alchemical blogetry that travel aeons beyond a life span

Much Love to You guys for reading

Let thee give ye life while the pen’s bleeding

Listens to The Dude leaves the mood so enthused

Daily food for thy feeding ye shall not loose

Thy give ye thy hiphop, jazz and muthaphuckin’ blues

A story of balance that’ll just knock ye out thy shoes

Shit gets created and thrown into these Bloems

Real lyrics live in phuckin’ good poems


© 2019 Maranate


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