A Blog About Nothing

Sometimes thy must say phuck it and be what thy shall be

At the same time be Nothing too

At any given moment one may turn nothing into something new

In order to thrive one must do the opposite of normal as Constanza do

This show is an intellectual classic get a phuckin’ clue

Whatever thy do continue in thy duty of choice

Spent days with the Nothingness can really be helpful in finding thy voice

Things shall always even out so just be glad and rejoice

Here’s some motivation for us all to continue

The Blog Lounge is open for business with Nothing on the menu

So the people stopped with blows of a whistle

Thy have love for the word The, it makes shit sound so official

The Happiness

The Bliss

The Good Feelings of Feel

It’s a blog about Nothing and Something

Let’s have a meal


© 2019 Maranate


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