The Penmens

Such amazement gathered at this point

Thoughts begin to raise as the universe plays out the ways of this joint

The Phuckin’ Penmens are at the door

Ye shall open thy mind and lay ye EGO to the floor

Ye has no control anymore

Thy brain has went on tour

The Phuckin’ Penmens are at the door

There’s a lion in a jungle with no food to eat

Enjoy the riddle of the rhythm as it starts a beat

Ye can feel it thru the body as thy finger snap

Enough production with thy words to make ye foot tap

The Phuckin’ Penmens are at the door

Large amounts of time spent in a Blogship

Imaginations become Salvation that manifest into a REALITY TRIP

Poetic Divine Potions served here at the Blog Lounge come have a phuckin’ sip

The Phuckin Penmens are at the door


© 2019 Maranate


  1. What an absolutely clever idea for a blog! I’ve always wanted to have an event company that provided everything from a scene from a Broadway musical for people that wanted to be the leads! Think Mame with Lucille Ball and Robert Preston.

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    • You’re right. There is no choice but to let them in because they are only the true voices of us all. So when they come, that conscious mind jumps in the back seat and sometimes they can really be a force to reckon with. Nevertheless, they still are the unwritten narrative of us all. Thank you for reading Macalder. Its an honor and a pleasure. Enjoy your GREAT DAY

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