The Gratitude 500

Poems of everything under the moon

Literary rituals of blogetry I assume

Inspiration to kick the asses of all lower natured thinking

Repertoires of blogetic dimensional doors open for the strokin’ of thy mind leave thine eyes blinking

A thanking is the task at hand

Thy mission is to spread thy Klogetic Bloems all over the land

A renewing of thy mind if ye will

Doses of world wide web wording no need for a pill

As thy drill away the exterior of Earthly rubbish

Bowls of cosmic soup for thy nourishment whenever thy hit publish

A moment of Gratefulness and Generosity upon thee

Thanks to all from The Dude with much sincerity

And thy shall continue for there’s a lot more to do

If thy ever forget to comment back

With much love, THANK YOU


© 2019 Maranate


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