Arbitrary Alchemy

For The Great Work shall continue as the task at hand

Processes of putrefaction to simply understand

The breaking down of matter is thy true purpose of living

Acknowledgeing thy beginning in thy end and thy end in thy beginning

Usage of the Royal Art is probably thy only method for winning

Well balanced living because the flesh is immune to sinning

Trials and tribulation should be considered Heaven sent

Thou perception of polarity must embrace The Elements

For the FIRE increases thy courage enthusiastically

While the burning of it’s vices shows anger and jealousy

Now the WATERS are compassions with love and creativity

The draining of thy fluids shall offer thee instability

As the AIR breezes thru as an optimist with diligent dexterity

Winds must not get carried away for they shall squander in frivolity

So the EARTH stands strong with patience enduring all that press

Sensations bring about pleasure with cautions of laziness

Intertwining of all four becomes a flower in full bloom

Each element within us all, researches of Carl Jung

And society’s way of thinking may further some into scary

An alliance to Alchemical Moves of Arbitrary


© 2019 Maranate


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