Vacations In Blogutopia

Thank you ALL for coming out you’re such wonderful groups

Much Bloglove to you ALL here goes a bowl of blogsoup

As I fill thy ears with whispers of many planes

Free thy mind RIGHT NOW, May thy mind be FREE from all mental strain

More time spent ENJOYING no matter the change

Never ending days of reaching thy range

Get infused with the weird and the strange

Leaves begin to touch the air and everything’s rearranged

Peps to thy steps, release thy breath of TOTAL OBTAIN

Divine Energy sent digitally, you’re at the Blog Lounge go insane

Writings of thee frees thee MAY THY WORDS FOR YE DO THE SAME

Pads of pleasure and pain

Healthy uses of both will pretty much balance thy yin and yang

Glazed times in the ethers getting rid of all ye phobia

Hotel Blogutopia


© 2019 Maranate

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