The Scenographic Scribe

Snatching moments increase the frequency of thee

Birds eye view get acquainted with how they see

Hovers over areas and their entirety

Small batches of Blog Cookies in the oven come taste the recipe

Atmospheres fill paper basically an ongoing anthology

Bloemed rhythms give visions to thine eyes

The unfolding of God’s experience is happening to us all once it’s realized

Situations and feelings get captured in digital screens

Taken advantages of every moment becomes full fledged teams

May the titles be thy movie that manifest all thy dreams

Spells upon thy self to obtain C.R.E.A.M

Scenes get thrown upon thy site with such GRACE and POSITIVITY

Alludes from thy pools of jewels to exude ye expressivity

Repetition of the following will grant a movie and some GOOD VIBES

Shout out to ALL of you Good Scribes


© 2019 Maranate

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