Dances With A Deity

Thoughts of a uni-verse bring upon many faces

Personalities manifested as humans with residued traces

And as GOD speaks a plethora of voices speak back

Songs of a Uni-verse singing and rejoicing for us all to be spiritually intact

Great mythologies get passed down to future generations

Falls upon closed ears seems to be the demonstration

The formation of Gaia is simply a wonder to the mind

Escapades with Jason and The Argonauts make the Golden Fleece an internal find

Zeus in his first youth battered the Earth born Titans while Prometheus helped mankind

Different versions of the physical plane’s existence exist in tales and fables whenever thy takes the time

And the modern day heroes and heroines are simply rehashes of old

Wonder Woman, SpiderMan, BatMan, AntMan, IronMan

Motion pictures of how woman and man unfold

Though the stories are told and sold as mere entertainment

Truth stands in the middle of these scripts with screams of ancient attainment

While society may mock true divinity with cinematic activity

Closer listens to the Unwritten Narrative shall prove WE are the Deity


© 2019 Maranate

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