Vlogetic Blogetry

Scenes expressed verbally while thoughts remain in gazes

New memory hunts are occurring let us ride thru the phases

Tranquilic vibrations bestowed upon thee at this very moment

Fly beats provided by B.Young fingers to play button to get down on it

Fresh perspectives from the melanated magickian

Utters of psychedelic blogetry come feel these transmissions

Have a listen to the songs of The Klog from thy cybergalactic blogship

Deep dives into the waters of the unconscious join thee for a dip

Metaphysically travelin’ to destinations via poetic potions, come on and have a sip

Places of my breath get utilized in creative manners

Immortalizations sewn together and placed behind colorful thumbnail banners

Intrigued by the algorithm of this platform

Words ignited with fire from thy depths to keep your mind warm

A swarm of alchemical antedotes to coat thy day with clarity and styles

A minute or two of thy time will supply jewels for aeons of miles
And the conclusion of my creation leaves you charged and full of glee

Come again my friend, see you next time in Vlogetic Blogetry


© 2019 Maranate

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